Wednesday, March 9, 2011

UFC, WWE, TNA, MMA: Update on my workout

UFC, WWE, TNA, MMA: Update on my workout: "I have been very ill over the last few weeks and that is the sole reason for me not posting. Once my health is 100% I will continue wi..."

Update on my workout

I have been very ill over the last few weeks and that is the sole reason for me not posting.  Once my health is 100% I will continue with my plan to get in shape and conditioning my body. I am not sure how but even while sick I have gained 5lbs. This may be due to my wife being pregnant, somehow I gain all the weight and she stays the  same weight until the second trimester. I am starting to feel a little better, and my foot is almost 100% so within the next week or so I will start with my original plan to diet and start a regular workout routine. Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to feel better. The latest update as of 3/8/11 according to my doctor was that my white blood cells were highly elevated. What I thought was a stomach bug may be something a little more serious. I have a doctors appointment on 3/9/11 so hopefully they can shed some light as to why I a as sick I am. I will keep you updated on that, and once again I am sorry to have to have not been posting as I had planned. Stay tuned for updates. If you would like to partake in any discussion from this board please post it on my blog. Any suggestions, ideas, or opinion will be extremely helpful.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Strength Training & Conditioning

So as I was mentally preparing myself for strength training and body conditioning, I fell on the ice tonight and have messed up my foot really bad. This weekend was supposed to be my last weekend of eating garbage, and being lazy. As for eating healthy, as of Monday morning I will start a strict diet which I found on a quick Google search of George St-Pierre's diet. It's not his full diet plan, but it does give the basics and how to get started. As soon as my foot heals properly, I will start conditioning my body Working my core, and making sure to get in an upper and lower body workout throughout the course of a week. I will post daily directly in this thread as to what I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as my weight, target weight, and my workout sessions. I don't believe that eating healthy alone will help anyone lose weight. I think a proper diet and exercise plan is what is what it takes to reach ones target goal. Stay tuned for my progress! Make sure you follow my blog to receive my updates!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Debt Management/Consolidation

I have been doing a doing of research in regards to this field and have a serious thought process of getting things up and running. What I need is a few people who have serious debt issues to help. It will not cost you a dime, these people will be in my testimonials when I get things up and running. Not only do I guarantee I will help you settle a lot of debt for far less than you owe, but there is a strong possibility I can have things deleted from your report, FREE OF CHARGE!! For those interested please contact me on here or at and we will discuss when and how I can help you. I have over 8 years of experience in this field and am willing to help up to 5 people for free. This will not only benefit you, but it will help me get my business established.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anderson Silva (The Spider) Current Middleweight Champion

Skill Breakdown Total Fights: 31 Record: 28-4-0 Summary: Very Well Rounded - Phenomenal Striker Fighter Info Nickname: The Spider From: Curitiba Brazil Fights Out Of: Curitiba Brazil Age: 35 Height: 6' 2" ( 187 cm ) Weight: 185 lb ( 84 kg

George St-Pierre Bio/ Stats Included

Skill Breakdown Charts are compiled based on results from all fights. Total Fights:24 Record: 21-2-0 Summary: Athleticism, very well rounded Fighter Info Nickname: Rush From: Montreal, Quebec Canada Age: 29 Height: 5' 11" ( 180 cm ) Weight: 170 lb ( 77 kg )

Worlds Best Pound For Pound Fighter....Who is it?

Anderson Silva’s spectacular first-round knockout win over former 205-pound champion Vitor Belfort solidified his kung fu grip on the claim of best fighter in the world, pound for pound. Belfort represented the final unknown at 185 pounds, at least for the time being. That may change in time. Maybe even in the short term. But as I sit here today, I cannot think of a single person fighter that Silva “needs” to fight. 13 UFC bouts. 13 wins. Eight consecutive successful defenses of the title. Both of those stand as UFC records, by wide margins. With nothing left to prove in the middleweight division, what else is there for Silva, other than focusing on establishing his legacy? He is lying if he claims that he doesn’t think about the label of Greatest of All Time. Of course he thinks about it. Every fighter wants to go down as the greatest to don a pair of vale tudo gloves. Silva is no different. Again, Silva is universally regarded as the greatest fighter in the world, pound for pound, and he has owned that undisputed title for several years. But is he the greatest ever? Randy Couture certainly has to be included in any discussion of the G.O.A.T. He has several career records of his own. Couture will forever go down as the first man to ever win titles in two different weight divisions—heavyweight and light heavyweight. He is the only man to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship three separate times. He is also the only man to win the 205-pound title twice. His nine wins in UFC championship bouts ties him with Silva and Matt Hughes. Couture certainly has a legitimate claim to the title of G.O.A.T. But one must weigh the value of winning across divisions versus Silva’s record-setting run in one. Silva is a former 170-pound competitor, but that was before his arrival in the UFC. He also has a couple of great wins at 205 pounds, including a win over a former champion in Forrest Griffin, though he has not yet won a UFC title outside of the middleweight division. Couture comfortably holds the edge, therefore, on multi-division success within the UFC. Where Silva stands out compared to his much older rival is the length of his title reign and undefeated start to his UFC career. Most people will probably be surprised to know that Couture’s longest winning streak in the UFC is only seven fights, and he lost three times outside the UFC during that run. “The Natural” has never gone more than four professional fights without a loss. And his longest winning streak over the last decade sits at three. Again, one’s definition of all-time greatness dictates whether Couture gets the nod for his success across divisions or Silva for his unmatched reign at middleweight. Let’s not forget this guy named Georges St-Pierre, either. It may very well come to pass that when the smoke settles, he passes Silva in both consecutive wins and successful title defenses. The odds are against him, but it could happen. Better yet, GSP could remove Silva from the debate by scoring a timeless upset in a much ballyhooed future catchweight fight with the pound-for-pound kingpin. It is a fight often bandied about at bars and on Internet forums, and UFC President Dana White seems committed to making it happen, if GSP gets past Jake Shields in April. For the record, I am torn. I flip flop all the time. One day I will firmly believe that there is no reason for Silva to leave the comforts of the middleweight division. The next day it becomes a pound-for-pound requisite, if he wants to stand before Couture. The truth of the matter is there is no right answer. Not until Silva, Couture and GSP have concluded their illustrative careers. Mixed martial arts has such a short history that it is impossible to predict how fans will evaluate the respective careers of Randy Couture, Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre 20 years from now. All we can do is look to boxing’s more than century-long history for some guidance. Most top 10 lists include some variation of the following 15 names, in no particular order: Sugar Ray Robinson, Henry Armstrong, Willie Pep, Roberto Duran, Benny Leonard, Sam Langford, Joe Gans, Sugar Ray Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis, Roy Jones Jr., Jack Johnson, Manny Pacquiao, Harry Greb and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Only six of the names among that list did not win championships across multiple divisions. Three of them, Ali, Louis and Johnson, were heavyweights. Langford never won a legitimate world title, but that was due to the racist realities of his day, not his talent, since he defeated many former or future champions from lightweight up to light heavyweight. In any other era, Langford would have won titles across several divisions. Both Pep and Gans fought their entire championship careers in one division, featherweight and lightweight, respectively. Contrast that list with division record holders for most successful title defenses in boxing history. Louis holds the all-time mark at 25 and is the only single-division champion who graces both lists. Joe Calzaghe, Sven Ottke, Dariusz Michalczewski, Bernard Hopkins, Eusebio Pedroza, Wilfredo Gomez, Khaosai Galaxy, Pongsaklek Wonjongkam and Ricardo Lopez each put together historic runs in their respective divisions, but one rarely sees any of those names pop up on all-time pound-for-pound lists. It is safe to assume, therefore, that Silva’s claim for G.O.A.T. would be more persuasive in the decades to come, if he is able to move up in weight to capture the 205-pound championship. Defending his 185-pound title a couple of additional times probably won’t do much to enhance his legacy, unless he can get the number to something absurd like 20. If I am part of Team Silva, I think the path to solidify his legacy is a very clear one. He must first take care of business against GSP, assuming the French-Canadian gets past Shields. That fight is all about helping to define GSP’s legacy. It does nothing for Silva. Let’s be honest for a moment. The size differential between the two is going to be shocking come fight time. If GSP wins, it will be one of the all-time great upsets. If Silva wins, he beat someone he was supposed to beat, regardless of GSP’s true level of greatness. Nonetheless, it is a fight that has to happen. GSP wants it. The fans demand it. And Zuffa recognizes that it may very well be the biggest fight in UFC history. So it makes a lot of sense from a lot of perspectives, other than Silva’s. Assuming Silva passes the GSP test, I believe that he should instantly challenge for the light heavyweight crown. Don’t pass go. Don’t collect $200. Move up and try to make history. The one thing that nobody has been able to accomplish, not Couture and not BJ Penn (who is the only other two-division champion in history) is to simultaneously hold belts in two divisions. Silva has the size and skills to do just that. He should then defend both belts, moving up and down in weight until his luck runs out. If he can put together two or three defenses at each weight, it will throw down the gauntlet for greatness for fighters decades into the future. The other storybook ending would be to win the 205-pound title and retire the next day. That is one heck of a way to go out. I think Silva needs to be very careful taking 205 pound fights without the belt being on the line. Those are unnecessary risks. Only bad can come from non-title affairs against light heavies. Winning doesn’t improve his legacy and losing crushes it because it eliminates the argument by his supporters that Silva could have dominated at 205, just like he did at 185 pounds. That argument is critical for the G.O.A.T. argument, if the champion doesn’t actually move up and challenge for the title. Is Silva the true G.O.A.T.? Based on his body of work to date and my view on what would happen if he faced Shogun Rua, or any other 205-pound champion who isn’t a ground-and-pound specialist, it is tough to argue against him.

WWE Smackdown Results 02/19/2011

SAN DIEGO – "Acting" SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero's scheme to crown her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler World Champion finally unraveled when real GM Theodore Long returned to SmackDown after his mysterious attack in January. After all was said and done, there was no question that Edge was the true World Heavyweight Champion on the historic 600th episode of SmackDown two nights before the SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match. SmackDown milestone SmackDown's 600th episode officially made the show the third longest running weekly episodic TV show in history. Edge def. Dolph Ziggler to regain the World Title With the World Heavyweight Championship technically vacant, Teddy Long righted things by arranging a championship match between Edge and Dolph Ziggler. The Ultimate Opportunist claimed his 11th World Title by dropping Ziggler with a crushing Spear. After the match, Teddy Long said good riddance to Ziggler by firing him. To cap off the historic night, The Rated-R Superstar added insult to injury by leading the WWE Universe in singing “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye,” as Vickie and her boyfriend exited the ring with their tails between their legs. SmackDown GM Theodore Long interrupted the World Heavyweight Championship Coronation of Dolph Ziggler With Teddy Long out of the picture after being attacked in January, Vickie and Dolph though they had the perfect plan to wrest the World Title from Edge. After Edge used the Spear last week against Ziggler, Vickie declared that he was no longer the true champion because she deemed the move illegal. But just as their grand plan was about to come to fruition, Teddy Long appeared on SmackDown, shocking Vickie, Ziggler, and the entire WWE Universe, alike. Cracking under the pressure, Vickie revealed it was Ziggler who attacked Teddy back in January. As the two lovers quarreled, Teddy rehired Edge and arranged for him to face Ziggler for the World Title. WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov def. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel by Disqualification Just when it looked like WWE Tag Team Champion Santino Marella was going to defeat Justin Gabriel after a lethal Cobra strike, Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson pounced on him. But before they could inflict serious damage, Big Show came charging to the ring. The World’s Largest Athlete wasted no time clearing the ring of every member of The Corre. Glaring from outside the ring, Jackson appeared ready to go one-on-one with Big Show, but decided to back away and save their battle for another day. WWE Champion The Miz def. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston in a Non-Title Match As The Miz and Kofi Kingston went to war, Alberto Del Rio decided to come to ringside to taunt his Elimination Chamber opponent with his scarf. The WWE Champion capitalized on the momentary distraction and dropped Kingston with a vicious Skull-Crushing Finale. Kingston will surely remember Del Rio’s actions come Sunday. Maryse & Layla def. Divas Champion Eve & Beth Phoenix As Divas Champion Eve was getting the better of Layla, Michelle McCool jumped up from the announce table to offer her thoughts on the action. Beth Phoenix quickly silenced McCool, but the distraction left the door open for Maryse and Layla to drop Eve with a devastating double-kick. "Acting" SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero fired Edge Citing Edge’s illegal use of the Spear last week, Vickie declared Dolph Ziggler, not Edge, the true World Heavyweight Champion. Then, after saying there would be a Championship Coronation for her boyfriend later in the night, she fired The Rated-R Superstar! John Cena, Randy Orton, John Morrison, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio & Edge def. CM Punk, Sheamus, Kane, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre in a 12-Man Tag Team Match As the third longest weekly episodic TV program in history, SmackDown kicked off its 600th episode with a massive 12-Man Tag Team Match. With members of both the Raw and SmackDown Elimination Chamber Matches in action, it was Edge and Drew McIntyre who tangled first. In the end, it was a 619 from Rey Mysterio to both Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler that set up Edge to seal the deal for his team by Spearing Ziggler.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Change of venue

I have been working in the debt collection business since December 4th 2004. This could be a very profitable business, the economy has really taken it's toll on the amount of money to be made. I remember when I first starting collecting, bring home bonus checks of $1000 or more, and that's on top of my salary, which wasn't shabby. Today I decided to leave my job, with no other prospects in mind. The main purpose of me doing this is not just because of the economy, it was the constant rule changes and bonus structure changes as well. It seemed as if each month, I would get a smaller bonus based on new structure. Don't get me wrong, collections can and still will a very profitable business, just not at this particular company. I will be seeking new employment at collections, but if you have any questions as far as the legal aspects of what debt collector can or can not do, just contact me and I will give you tips and pointers on what is legal and what is not.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

WWE News Swirls as the Undertaker's WrestleMania Fate Is Decided

According to Justin LeBar of, the Undertaker's WrestleMania opponent will be none other than Triple H.

Yes, we do know that the two met at WrestleMania 17, where the Undertaker beat Triple H, but this one will play off of the Streak vs. Career stipulation that centered around last year's match between Taker and Shawn Michaels.

The report says this plan is all but official and should be revealed on WWE programming very soon. I think the only way to push this match over the top is to get the Heartbreak Kid himself to somehow be involved in the match.

Who wouldn't want to watch a match featuring Triple H against the Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee? It would be like stepping back into my childhood. It would be more than intriguing to see what WWE would do with the streak.

They can't end the streak, can they? If they do, it will confirm all of the nasty things people have said about Triple H in the past, whether they are deserved or not. Either way, this could be the match that steals the show and buries all hope of the 2-21-11 videos having anything to do with a possible Sting debut in the WWE.

2011 WM Host......Remember, this is just rumor right now

A lot of people have tried to figure out who the guest host will be for WresteMania, but according to, it is going to be none other than The Rock.

This would be a huge move for the WWE, who have tried to do something with the Rock for years, only to have his schedule get in the way. There are few superstars in the history of the WWE who have been as charismatic on the microphone as the Rock and he'd be sure to crack us up, even if he has to deal with the restrictions of the PG Era.

It would certainly be better than most of the guest hosts WWE brought in for Raw, and would certainly be a move that would drive up pay-per-view buys, especially after the company announced that buys had been down recently.

I know I would personally think about forking over the money to see the Rock back on WWE programming. Hopefully he would check a couple people into the SmackDown hotel with a Rock Bottom or two.

Otherwise, I would be a tiny bit disappointed. What about you? Would the Rock's appearance on WWE programming sway you towards buying WrestleMania, or are you turned off by the high price and the quality of the product? Would the full card be more of a factor in your decision?

Kelly Kelly

With no prior experience, model turned World Wrestling Entertainment diva Kelly Kelly has grown in the ring and proved she is not just another pretty face.

The blonde bombshell, real name Barbara Blank, was discovered by the company through a modeling agency in 2006.

“I was the youngest diva they ever had, which is really cool,” Kelly said.

She began training at Ohio Valley Wrestling, WWE’s former developmental territory in Louisville and was called up almost immediately to be part of WWE’s new ECW brand. The diva was billed as an exhibitionist who performed stripteases for a worldwide audience.

Kelly was the girlfriend of jealous on-screen boyfriend Mike Knox and a member of the all-girl dance trio Extreme Expose. She caught the interest of viewers. Good looks may have got her in the door, but a strong work ethic earned her the respect of fans and co-workers.

“When I started in ECW, I would have to say Tommy Dreamer and Andrew [Test Martin], who is not alive anymore, have helped me out,” Kelly said.

“On the diva side, I would say Michelle McCool has helped me out a lot as well. They took me under their wings.”

The 24-year-old was rewarded for her strides in the company and popularity with an increased on-screen presence. On a recent episode of WWE SmackDown (8 p.m. Fridays Syfy), she teamed with Edge to defend his world heavyweight championship against LayCool and Dolph Ziggler.

“I think the match we just had is one of the first main events the girls have been a part of, probably within the last 10 years,” Kelly said.

“So it was really cool to do that and finally have a main event match and be at the beginning of the show with [acting WWE SmackDown GM] Vickie [Guerrero]. They put a lot of effort into me and my character lately. It has been great. I hope they continue to spotlight the divas more.”

Even though a showdown against the official SD consultant isn’t a possibility right now, (Guerrero fired Kelly on-air), Kelly has other plans in mind for the future, when she returns to WWE TV.

“I hope to win a championship because I have never had a title,” Kelly said. “That would be a dream of a lifetime.

This statement alone tells that she isn't done with the WWWE just yet, let's see what the future has in store for Kelly Kelly!!!

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blog post and ideas

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WWE John Cena. what are your thughts and opinions??

A lot of people dislike this guy, my question is WHY? John Cena donates charities, his in ring persona is persona is excellent with the kids and his mic skills are phenomenal. I'd like to know what everyone else thinks, because this young man worked his butt off to be where he is today, and there are many forums calling him a 5 move wrestler. The in ring skill takes time, and entertaining with some of the best.I have no doubt he WILL have more skills in the future, just give the guy the break.

HBK to be involved in WWE, But how

- EMLL's press conference yesterday to discuss the news of Mistico going to WWE was postponed to an unknown date.

- The WWE Supershow this past Sunday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania drew 7,300 fans while Monday Nigh
the next night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin drew 5,600 fans.

- Word going around is that WWE officials have discussed The Undertaker vs. Triple H for WrestleMania 27 in a Career vs. Streak match with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee